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A limited number of the first edition of 5 Clones are still available for purchase Directly From Ed, through, or at Friends of the Public Library Book Store on Hammer Lane in Stockton.

Buy Direct from the artist!

Buy signed copies of the paperback directly from Ed using Paypal or Venmo $17.95 (plus shipping)

Buying directly from Ed is the best way to give the biggest % of your $ straight to the local artist. Simply pay Ed through Venmo or Paypal, and make sure your address is linked. If you reside in the 209, Ed will personally deliver your book for free. If your book must be shipped out of Stockton, please add $3.50 for a grand total of $21.45.

5 Clones hats are now available for $25! If you would like the hat and signed book package deal it will cost you $35.

5 Clones

Signed paperback with sticker and postcard


Venmo link coming soon. Just use your phone for now please! Cheers.

Buy from Amazon, no judgement!

Buy the paperback, the ebook, or the audiobook from

If you buy from Amazon, please remember to leave 5 Clones a customer review! 5 Clones currently has over 100 reviews at 4.8/ 5 stars.

If you have any questions at all about procuring a book, drop Ed a note!

Buy from a 209 local bookstore!

Friends of the Public Library Bookstore- Signed books with a free sticker $17.95 (plus tax)

Friends is located at 1724 W. Hammer Lane in Stockton. Call for hours and to see if they have books available: 209-476-9033. Friends recieves $6.50 on each 5 Clones paperback they sell.