Ed Bonilla is a teacher, writer, singer, husband, and father in his hometown of Stockton, California.  A high school English teacher with 25 years of experience, Ed was asked to open a small school for expelled students twelve years ago, and has since found much success working with Stockton’s disadvantaged youth.  Ed’s band, Radical Times, plays all over Northern California and recently played for thousands of people at the North Beach Festival in the heart of San Francisco.  Ed is very involved in making Stockton a better place for his students and for his family.  Ed is happily married to his beautiful wife Jeni and has three children; Dakota, Noah and baby Rosie.  Ed’s script for 5 Clones was recently a quarter finalist in the Nicholl Fellowship competitions for screen writers.

About the Book

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5 Clones takes place in our near future when California is seceding from the United States amidst growing environmental and political disasters (Calexit).  Dan, a former cannabis farmer from Colorado, is traveling to his hometown of Stockton, California to sell his five clones which were created in a Federal lab to be loyal low intelligence farm hands for him. 

Along the way he picks up a beautiful, mysterious agent named Mary. Mary is on the hunt for a scientist who has made an incredible technological discovery, one that could save the world from the floods and wildfires that are savaging the continent.

As Mary and Dan attempt to covertly enter the New California Independent Republic, one of Dan’s clones (who was never considered to be capable of speech) starts waking him up in the middle of the night to tell him strange moral fables that he must do his best to understand.

All the stories converge in a final showdown of clones vs. drones in the abandoned children’s museum in Stockton, the heart of California, and it becomes clear that Stockton will lead the way for California to become a world power in the forthcoming sequel to the novel, 3 Clones.